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FX Solutions was created in 2011 by Jean-Jacques Martin. In December 2017, Ekkio Capital took over the majority ownership of FX Solutions. This began the formation of FX Shoulder USA in January 2018 as a direct provider of FX Solutions products in the US. FX Shoulder USA is focused exclusively on shoulder arthroplasty. FX is now well represented globally with a strong presence in Europe, South America and the US — and as one of the main providers of shoulder arthroplasty implants in France.

As a small company, FX Shoulder has differentiated itself from the competition by maintaining its niche as a shoulder arthroplasty company only, offering a comprehensive portfolio, and “prides itself on being nimble in a competitive market by reacting quickly to feedback and input,” says CEO, Baptiste Martin.

With a presence at many major and smaller regional exhibitions throughout the year, a continuous instructional lab schedule and medical education program, it has allowed us to continue evolving and looking forward to gaining a competitive advantage whenever possible. The shoulder market is continuously evolving and we do our best to make sure that we can utilize our unique portfolio to potentially improve patient outcomes, reduce OR time for surgeons and increase efficiency for hospital staff.

FX introduced the first, and unique, interlocking stem (Humelock II®) to the US market in 2016, providing surgeons an alternative to cementing humeral stem implants for shoulder arthroplasty. FX then introduced the Humelock Reversed® stem to the US market in 2017. The Humelock Reversed® and Humelock II® are the only reverse stems that allow the surgeons to control the height and version with distal interlocking screws. A 2018 publication in JSES1 cited that 76% of non-cemented locking stems had the tuberosities heal as compared to just 54% with a cemented stem for proximal humerus fractures in RTSA.

In December 2018, FX Shoulder USA launched the first stemless reverse (Easytech Reversed®) IDE in the US, enrolling the first two patients on the same day. The stemless reverse has the potential to be the future of shoulder arthroplasty. In Europe, FX Solutions has five years of follow-up on the Easytech® stemless and surgeons are very receptive to this new way of doing shoulder surgery. According to a Med Device Online article2, stemless implants are projected to surpass stemmed implants in Europe by 2025.

To be continued…